Medieval Tapestry Loom 1:12

1:12 miniature Medieval Tapestry Loom inspired by a J.W. Waterhouse painting of The Lady of Shalott (I am half sick of this house..)
This Medieval Tapestry Loom was designed partly based on the loom in a painting by J.W. Waterhouse of the Lady of Shalott (Tennyson).

The loom is constructed with beautiful walnut finished with clear sealer to define the grain. The four columns are lathe-turned walnut. The treadles raise and lower the two harnesses and the beams can be turned. This loom can be warped.
Available in walnut, cherry or East Indian rosewood. (see colour comparison photo in this album)

Loom is signed and Certificate of Authenticity is provided.

Medieval Tapestry Loom with 2 shuttles.

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