'Retribution' : Medieval Castle Dining Hall

Dragon themed castle great room MEDIEVAL CASTLE DINING HALL - 'Retribution'

The King sent out a call far and wide for help to save his kingdom, castle and beautiful young daughter from the ravaging, mischievous young dragon indiscriminately destroying the peaceful kingdom. Only one brave, resourceful young ‘knight’ was able to halt this reign of terror.

The ‘rogue’ dragon has been slain and the king has called everyone to his castle for a great feast to honour this knight and bring healing and peace to his people. The long period of destruction has left his people starving but everyone has contributed what little they could find to the celebration. The king’s master cook has outdone himself! His contribution is a deliciously-roasted dragon. After all- this errant dragon was but a teenager- young, mean and foolish but remarkably moist and tender.

The preparations are complete and the king and his daughter, Elizabeth, are waiting in the Great Dining Hall surveying the wonderful feast that has been assembled. First to arrive is the guest of honour- the handsome young, as yet unnamed, knight. As he enters the hall, Elizabeth turns to meet his gaze and their eyes and hearts lock immediately. They have known each other forever yet have never met. Destiny!

The king immediately realizes this dragon has cost him his daughter after all. His call for help has summoned the fates. Is this retribution for his arrogance of trying to control a living creature of this earth?

Atop the roof of the castle, a female dragon patiently awaits the beginning of this celebration- a celebration of the end of her son’s life. Her immense sadness turns to anger. What retribution will befall the murderer of her son? Will the celebrants feasting upon her only offspring suffer the same fate?

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